July 14, 2019

Fuel for your Personal Finance

Sadly people look for a magic button to solve their problems and end up wasting money; Many end up disappointed or discouraged. People waste money looking for the pill that will take away those little books. The magic button does not exist but what does exist is the effort to set course for financial peace. How beautiful it would be if it was as simple as going to the station and filling the fuel tank for your marriage, for your career or for your finances.


That fuel exists and is called hope


Hope is something difficult to understand. When I learned from this I wondered where I get it, where I buy hope. Hope starts to start its engines when it knows where it is, where it should go and how to get there.

Hope comes to your heart when you hear something that you think may happen because your brain and your subconscious know that it is possible. When he hears financial principles loaded with logic and common sense, there is no doubt in his heart that it works. That is when arriving at the destination becomes important. This is when people start taking steps towards that financial peace. This is also when people realize that sacrifice is taken.


Hope comes from the “why to do it” to “how to do it”

Hope comes from the "why to do it" to "how to do it"

When one of these two ingredients is not present, the engines do not start and nobody even raises a pencil to make a budget even if they shout how important it is. On a paper write down your financial situation in “where it is”: income, savings, debts. Now write down the “where it should be”: debt free, an emergency fund and investing for the future. Finally follow a financial plan for how to get from one point to another.

Hope is the fuel needed to earn with your money. Look where you are, look up, aim for financial peace and start taking steps.

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