September 28, 2019

SAVINGS 2019 – Good Finance guides you to a good savings – Loans

An unforeseen expense is often the reason for having a good savings and thus a strong private economy. If you drop your phone in the toilet or just ruin the screen by another accident, there are a lot of Danes who depend heavily on their phone. Therefore, you may not have the opportunity to wait until the next payday to have it repaired.

Get a savings and release for unpaid bills

Get a savings and release for unpaid bills

Another type of contingency expense may be general bills. No matter if it always comes in by the mailbox on the third Tuesday of each shooting year, or it’s the first time you receive it, it doesn’t change the payment date.

The best way you can be clear of this is by a large enough savings to pay for the bill and where there is still something left in the account after. It goes without saying, therefore, that these expenses are precisely – contingencies, and that they were not aware of the receipt of these situations.

Savings are a safe insurance policy


There are many Danes who have a strong and excellent economy. But there are also many who do not have a good private economy. Unfortunately, they also have no golden opportunity to borrow money from their closest friends or family.

Further down you can read our advice on how to optimize your own savings . In addition, you can learn more about what you can do if you have an unforeseen expense to pay immediately.

What if I don’t have room to save?

What if I don

Fortunately, if your monthly available amount is not large enough to put money aside, there are still some things you can do. We have gathered 5 good tips to increase your financial respite. Then, do not encounter a hopeless feeling the next time your refrigerator breaks down or the car’s engine starts to smoke.

1. Make more food yourself

It is not always cheaper to make the food yourself, as opposed to buying take away. But if you only save 20 kroner a day, you may have extra 500 to 600 kroner for the savings when the month is over.

2. Stop smoking cigarettes

There are too many people, a lot of money to save a month by quitting smoking. Don’t you feel like you’re strong enough to put them on the shelf? Then there is also a lot of money to save, just by stepping down. If you buy one package a day right now, but cut back to half, you might save up to £ 600 a month! They could look much better at your savings.

Tip: Try to concentrate on the cigarettes as an expense every time you buy a package!

3. If you have a car – Then maybe you can replace it?

No matter whether you lease or own a car, there is a huge difference between the prices in the Danish car market. Not just the monthly price to lease, or the purchase price of an owner-car. But remember to think about what your car costs in insurance, gasoline and tax. In general, you can save a lot of money on transport by prioritizing the bike

4. The water and electricity bill

It’s not something everyone thinks about a lot in everyday life, but there’s still plenty of money to save on your water bill and your electricity bill. Here you can read about our best advice to save thousands of dollars annually on electricity.

5. Impulse purchases

You’ve probably heard it before: “Don’t shop when you’re hungry”. But there is actually something about it. It is not only on food that you can save a lot of money – daily – but also on the unnecessary shopping. We are all tempted to new and great things, but just think about whether you can afford them before you buy them.

What if the savings are not enough to cover this contingency?

What if the savings are not enough to cover this contingency?

If you have an acute and unforeseen expense and your savings do not hold, what do you do? This is where we come into the picture! At Good Finance we offer you up to 15,000 kroner via an online credit. We always make a really quick payment because we know it is important to you, therefore we pay immediately after an approved application. After a few minutes you will be able to see the money in your account, this is valid for 7 days of the week! In addition, our Danish customer service is always ready to help you by phone and email, and if you are still in doubt.

Loan money with a good conscience, from a provider who knows what they’re doing. We are here in your financially tough times. You can find our application here, and of course you get your credit rating completely free! See how much we can offer you right away.

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