October 24, 2019

See what it is, and how to do Credit Portability

    Are you paying for a loan or financing? Did you know that you can port your debt to another bank by benefiting from the lower interest rates offered by the new financial institution? This is an opportunity allowed by the scenario of competition between banks and which many people are taking advantage of. So much so that in the first quarter of 2017, portability of credit operations reached USD 2.891 billion, according to bank data. The number of loan and financing portability operations almost tripled compared to the same period last year. Keep reading and learn how to take your debt to another bank and take advantage of…

October 18, 2019

What are the kinds of bank savings accounts?

Know the kinds of bank savings accounts, to ensure a better future, in life. Whether for your vacations, studies, home buying or health. First, a more detailed concept of what a savings account should be. Savings account is a financial product A savings account is a financial product , where banks offer to save money in exchange for a return. Of course, these economic resources are likely to be used at any time. They are products that can be maintained indefinitely, this is according to the user. The decision to choose the financial institution in which to save money is important and decisive. Take into account the one that brings…

October 6, 2019

Where to borrow money in Zagreb – Payday Loan

According to unofficial data, about one million people live in the capital Zagreb. It is the liveliest place in which your place under the sun is looking for a variety of characters from a student to a businessman. Therefore, their desires and capabilities are different from the rest of Croatia, as evidenced by the highest average salary exceeding USD 6,500, while the national average is around USD 5,700. There are also higher costs of living, so many of them are wondering where to borrow money in Zagreb . Ads for loans and what to look out for Advertisements for the best loans, 24-hour payday loans and cash on hand are…

September 28, 2019

SAVINGS 2019 – Good Finance guides you to a good savings – Loans

An unforeseen expense is often the reason for having a good savings and thus a strong private economy. If you drop your phone in the toilet or just ruin the screen by another accident, there are a lot of Danes who depend heavily on their phone. Therefore, you may not have the opportunity to wait until the next payday to have it repaired. Get a savings and release for unpaid bills Another type of contingency expense may be general bills. No matter if it always comes in by the mailbox on the third Tuesday of each shooting year, or it’s the first time you receive it, it doesn’t change the…

August 28, 2019

Why do women spend better and save more than men?

In that sense, it is often said that women who are head of household are the ones who manage the weights they earn better, in addition to saving considerably more than men. Money is money, but if it will multiply or go like water, it will depend on who handles it.  But what are they doing differently? According to a study by the Development Bank, these would be some actions: 1. They make long-term decisions:  Women who run a family set long-term goals, such as saving for their children’s college or acquiring a loan for a new home. Having a clear objective, it is easier to persevere until it is…

July 28, 2019

The Best Credit Providers in Comparison

A Credit is an account that receives monthly contributions from the employee, employer, and government so that the worker can dispose of those funds when the time of retirement comes.   Main benefits of having a Credit and how to get the most out of them Basically, a Credit account is a tool that will allow you to have financial assistance upon your retirement. This will allow you to cover your needs when you are no longer active at work. The agency responsible for regulating the Credit in Mexico is the National of the Retirement System (NRS). This institution monitors the adequate protection of the funds deposited in the Credit….

July 14, 2019

Fuel for your Personal Finance

Sadly people look for a magic button to solve their problems and end up wasting money; Many end up disappointed or discouraged. People waste money looking for the pill that will take away those little books. The magic button does not exist but what does exist is the effort to set course for financial peace. How beautiful it would be if it was as simple as going to the station and filling the fuel tank for your marriage, for your career or for your finances.   That fuel exists and is called hope Hope is something difficult to understand. When I learned from this I wondered where I get it,…